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Viola workshops

Viola Workshop

Saturday 9 February 2019, 9.30 am-6.00 pm

Tutor Robin Ireland
  • Viola ensemble
Corelli - Sonata No 6 arr. for viola trio
Bach arr. Robin Ireland -  Adagio and Fugue, arranged for four violas
Kallinikov - Chanson Triste
Robin Ireland - Deviant Jig for Six Violas
Haydn arr. Ross Cohen - Trio No 2
Kodaly -  Two Trios
Granados arr. Ross Cohen
- No 2 form Three Spanish Dances
Bartok - Duos 29 & 30

  • Masterclasses: Yuxin Chen  - Campagnoli Etude No 5. Qianqian Yao - Hoffmeister Etude No 3

  • Listening session. English 20th Century Viola Music (1) presented by Roger Hoyle

  • Session. Classical style: bow strokes and articulation

  • Untutored viola ensemble playing in small groups

  • 5.00-5.45 pm. Informal recital by Robin with Angus Wenster, piano
The programme:

Bach - Sonata No 1 BWV 1014 transcribed for viola and piano
Bach - two movements from Sonata No 2 BWV1003 (Sarabande & Gigue)
Grieg - Sonata in A minor Op. 36 transcribed for viola and piano


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