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Viola Workshop October 2018

Photos: Jill Jesson

Robin & Daniel

Robin with Daniel Pett (left)

Viola quartet

Viola quartet

Edward, Robin, Daniel

Edward Leung (left) with Robin and Daniel

Viola Workshop April 2018

Photos: Jill Jesson

uaViola Ensemble April 2018

Viola ensemble in the 'Hayshed'

In the ensemble

In the ensemble

In a viola quartet                  In a viola quartet                   In a viola quartet

In viola quartets: Yue Yu (Daisy) & Aimee (left)Margaret (centre)Jenny & Jane (right)

Masterclass pupils with Robin

Masterclass pupils Aimee and Daisy with Robin (centre)

Robin & Daisy

Robin & Daisy after performing Robin's 'Stone Psalms' - arranged for viola duo

Exciting Hindemith! Robin and Edward Leung

Robin with pianist Edward Leung - performing Hindemith

Robin with Edward

Robin & Edward

Viola Workshop January 2018

Photos: Jill Jesson

Masterclass pupils Peter and Maria with Robin

Masterclass pupils Peter and Maria with Robin (centre)

Robin  and Edward
Edward Leung (left) and Daniel Pett (right) with Robin
Robin with pianist Edward Leung

Viola sextet

Viola sextet

  Peter  Peter       Ava Ava


Maria  Maria         Naomi Naomi

Robin and Edward in the recital      

Robin and Edward in their recital

Viola Workshop October 2017

Photos: Jill Jesson

Viola ensemble

Viola ensemble

Nick Nick    Lynn Lynn

Adrienne  Adrienne                     Julia  Julia

Viola quartet

Viola quartet: Trevor, Nick, Julia, Sue (clockwise from left)

Peter  Peter    Jenny  Jenny

Linda Linda              Margaret Margaret

Viola ensemble

Tutored viola ensemble

Viola Workshop April 2017

Photos: Jill Jesson

Viola ensemble

Viola ensemble

                          Qiuhan Kang (Kate)
 Kate                                Trevor  Trevor 


  Toby  Toby                        Ginny  Ginny

  Naomi  Naomi                       Roger  Rogr    

  Sue  Sue                                Julia   Julia


   Bridget Bridget      Natalie  Natalie

  Hannah Hannah                  Robin  Robin

Robinw with Toby, Hannah & Kate

Toby, Hannah (violin), Robin, Kate

group in ensemble




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